Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Behind Twyla Garrett Successful is herself

When we talk about women achievers as entrepreneur, one name rolls up in mind and that’s Twyla Garrett. She has variety of experience in her career which is continually in progress. TwylaGarrett is pioneer in entrepreneurship. Twyla had an entrepreneurial spirit from beginning of her career. Twyla Garrett is an extraordinary entrepreneur, corporate speaker, and compelling author. Presently, she is President of Investment Management Enterprise (IME) Inc. As being a successful business women Twlya is good at dealing with business and financial matters.

Twyla’s career every turn inspires a lot who want to be successful business women. Twyla describes accomplishments on her terms, attain it by her own guidelines and make a life she is proud to live. Twyla as a president of IME doesn’t think she has landed, she is continually progressing.Twyla enduring characteristics are self-belief, confidence, passion, humility and a willingness to learn, sense of purpose, assertiveness, hard work, persistence, enduring characteristic of successful people.

Twyla as a successive entrepreneur, suggesting three steps to get success in business.
           ·          Stop focusing on what your competition is doing right - If you spend too much time looking at your competition then you’re not spending enough time looking at your customer…..
           ·          Focus on customer service – Be Involved, be responsive.
           ·          If your heart is not in it, neither is you – Love your work and gives your 100% to your work.

In Twyla’s career path she knew her future depends on what she does today. She started off her career with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service in downtown Cleveland but soon she relocate San Diego to hold positions of deputy controller at NADEP and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Manager for Space and Naval Warfare System Command (SPAWAR). Twyla love to take risk to fulfil her dreams. She left the federal government and started her own management consulting firm, Investment Management Enterprise (IME). But this is not enough for Twyla.  In year 2003, she opened her first nightclub, Club Escape, in Richmond, Virginia. There Twyla provided at-risk teens the opportunity to learn about the restaurant business first-hand.

If we talk about honours and achievements of Twyla, list is growing continuously. At The White House, She has been personally invited to speak on the issues of creating jobs, economic growth and the controversial fiscal cliff of 2012. Her memoir published in 2013 and it has followed by a series of “how-to” business books. Presently, Twyla’s business blog and social media accounts furnish motivational quotes and an over-the-shoulder view of her unique perspective on profiting in business while helping others. Twyla has been named one of Cleveland Magazine’s Most Interesting People, a Cleveland Living Legend in 2010 and received the Divine Divas Award by the University of Texas and Pursuit of Dreams Foundation. Twyla has received the Enterprising Women Of The Year Award. She has been featured in the June edition of Forbes Magazine. Her Twitter account and blog is listed as a 'Top 100' Homeland Security resource. During her speech at winning the Battles in your Mind Black Tie Gala on June 27, 2015, Twyla received a standing ovation as she moved everyone including me as she told her story. 

There is so much more to becoming an Entrepreneur then starting a business - This is journey of self discovery, personal growth & courageous action. Twyla Garrett success proves that Desire is the key to motivation, but its determination and commitment which help to achieve that goal. Twyla Garrett is perfect combination of dream and determination.


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